Please Help us Find our
Missing Classmates

WE NEED YOUR HELP to locate our fellow classmates. Please browse the list below and CONTACT US if you have any information regarding how to find them.   (email or mailing address,employer, married name etc.).  Please send the information through the CONTACT US page. Thanks for all your help.


David Eugene Barber  
Richard Bruce Barber  
Tommy Lewis Barbour  
Charles   Bishop  
Ollie Nell Bradley  
Henry George Campbell Jr.
Frederick   Campbell  
Barney   Carroll Jr.
Michael   Cochrane  
Geoffrey   Davis  
Charles   Ehrmann  
Robert   Ehrmann  
Charles   Finley Jr.
Thomas   Gorham  
Melvin   Hall  
David   Herring  
Don   Huggins  
Jimmy  L. Jackson  
David   Johnson  
James   Johnson  
Rudolph   Kaiser  
Gerald   King  
Thomas   Land  
Kaye   Lange  
Thomas   McBride  
Charles   McCallum  
Richard   McClain  
Thomas   McEneany  
Charles   Miles III
Gary   Miles  
Robert   Miller  
Charles   Myers  
Robert   Neal  
Michael   Olive  
Daniel   Orr Jr.
William   Parnell Jr.
Stephen    Peterson  
George   Pippin  
James   Roberts Jr.
James   Scanlon  
Robert   Schweers  
Johnny   Setaro  
David   Smith  
Rodney   Smith  
John   Tarpley  
Ralph   Turner III
Alejandro   Vazquez  
Henry   Walker  
Bob   Whitaker  
Tyronne   Whittington  
Robert   Wittke