1) Who was Student Body President in 1960?
Bill Eyerman
William King
Carlos Williams
Al Horne
2) Who was crowned Miss Fayetteville High School in 1961?
Cornelia Johnson
Marty McDaniel
Charlotte Lewis
Linda Kelly

3) Who was the Head Cheerleader in 1961?
Kay Edwards
Kathy Goforth
Becky Sides
Sandra Tarlton
4) What male was voted the Most Athletic in the Class of 1961?
Robert Bittle
Bobby Gore
Frank Stout
Joe McCall

5) What female was voted the Most Courteous in Class of 1960?
Mary Nan Ciampa
Linda Pearson
Jerry Stein
Faye Hyman
6) What male was voted the Most School Spirit in the Class of 1960?
Danny Highsmith
Howard Wrench
Ray Vallery
Ward Page